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Are you planning to get a college degree?
Google is going to make the decision easier for you.

Recently, Google has come up with an exceptional search feature wherein it will help students find the most appropriate school for them. Every time a student search for any college-related topic on Google, it will offer them more educational options to explore and for students who look for a perfect college for them, Google will show them the right college that will completely meet their requirement.

In this feature, Google will offer an elaborate picture in terms of the cost of going to college for both parents and students. It will show the average cost after student aid is applied as well as the breakdowns by household income.

Besides, Google will show graduation rates and interestingly, even the annual income after 10 years from enrolment to give a clear picture of the prospects of attending a certain school. On top of that, this feature also includes enrollment rates, stats about the student body, notable alumni, and similar colleges.

According to Google, it has worked with various education researchers and nonprofit organizations, high school counselors, and admissions professionals to continually deliver an excellent experience to the users in terms of their college search requirements. Most importantly, this is just the beginning and it's certainly going to get a lot better in times to come.

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